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* Offers Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) special program
** Offers Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) & Gifted Academy special programs
*** Offers Adult Education program

RU Education Pathway

Rockford Public Schools has partnered with Rockford University to recruit teachers and build a workforce from its own student body.

The Rockford University Education Pathway begins in middle school and continues in high school with an education pathway. Students then enroll in a college degree program through Rockford University. The hope is to continue the program through teacher certification and employment with RPS 205. Then graduates can continue as RPS 205 teachers in a graduate program through Rockford University.

Course Sequence

9th Grade College & Career Readiness






10th Grade Psychology Child Development Education & Childcare Careers






11th Grade Education & Childcare Careers Technology in the Classroom




12th Grade Intro to Teaching/Ed Psych*

Industry Certification: Child Development Associate (Early Childhood), Paraprofessional Cert.
Dual Credit: Intro to Teaching/Ed Psych
*Note: Only students enrolled as seniors are eligible to receive college credit



Program Timeline


RPS 205 alumni discuss the Education Pathway on the 205 VIBE

Episode 34: Rockford University Partnership: Growing RPS 205 Graduates into RPS 205 Teachers

We sit down with three Rockford Public Schools alumni enrolled in the Education Pathway program at Rockford University. Ryan Callahan, Jessica Pequena-Mendoza and Tony Ramirez are RPS 205 graduates who are now student teaching. Ryan, Jessica and Tony share insight on the importance of connecting with students and developing relationships to increase student engagement, being culturally sensitive to create a welcoming environment, and the impact the pandemic has had on teaching and learning.

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How to Apply

  1. Apply and be accepted into Rockford University.
  2. Submit three letters of recommendation and an essay (Why I Want to Be a Teacher!) to RPS 205.
  3. Complete an interview with a team of RPS 205 administrators.

Deadlines for Fall 2024

Priority Deadline
February 14, 2024
Final Deadline
February 21, 2024

Contact Us

Ashley Thomas
Recruiting Coordinator